May 24, 2023

Is it yoni “tightness or dryness”

Sis had 5 normal deliveries and says her yoni still tight!
So tight, that sometimes, still have faint bleeding just like a virgin. (I’m not saying it’s not possible but..) Are you sure it’s tightness and not dryness?

Sis wants to use all natural old age Vaginal tightener and got herself some “alum” to cleanse the vagina with it to become as tight as a virgin. What did you think happened? Tightness or dehydration of the vagina, hence tightened?

You wash slimy snail with alum to cut the sliminess off and make it easy to wash. What about the silkiness and hydration of the Yoni? You just cut that off and dehydrated your Yoni, hence it shrunk and tightened. This act causes the Vaginal wall to become weaker over time, disrupt the good bacteria that keeps the vagina healthy, and many more..

But my vagina is loose but wet. Good! That shows your flora of vagina from inside and out still works great!

How do we tighten Yoni then?

From the inside, “Kegel Exercise”, do it 15 minutes a day, and from the outside, a Vaginal steam with the right herbs. We’ve got the perfect combo for detox and tightening for you. Oh and yes, don’t forget musk tahaarah too.
And for wetness? We’ve got you covered as well!!!

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